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Greetings fellow business builder and/or solo entrepreneur!

My name is Mark Shroyer, publisher of The Infopreneur Playbook.

Just like you, I am a fellow entrepreneur and business builder. I've been passionate about this for over 10 years now with an ever growing amount of various businesses and entrepreneurial pursuits.

When I first started I spent countless hours learning how to do almost everything myself - everything from web design, to webmastering, to programming, to writing copy, to marketing and selling, and more!

We All Have The Same 24 Hours Per Day!

You know what they say: "Jack of All Trades, Master of None." Well, for me it was "Jack of All Trades, Master of Some."

I started noticing a select few others (in a similar position as myself) seemed to be able to accomplish far more in the same time frame (at warp speed!) than I could. To the point that it really started to bother me.

Even worse, I discovered most of them had almost no idea how to do ANY of the skills I knew how to do. Yet they were passing me by in regards to rapid results.

You see, the problem was that by doing it all myself and by continuously chasing rabbits down rabbit holes I wasn't leveraging my time and the results I desired became slower than molasses.

That's when it FINALLY hit me...

Why was I chasing rabbits down rabbit holes?

So that's when I went into research mode...

My goal was to figure out how to get more done in less time with better results.

Long story short, that's how this Infopreneur Playbook System came about. (Since I already explained it on the home page I won't get into it here.)

That's why I'm sharing these solutions with you (and other business builders just like yourself) who desire to work smarter instead of harder, so you can finally accomplish more in less time, closer to how you imagined when you first started your business.

Just get my Infopreneur Playbook and you will discover how!

Prepare to Conquer,


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